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Conveyancing Course for Beginners

Conveyancing Ready


A practical introduction to conveyancing for paralegals and apprentices.

'Conveyancing Ready' covers not just who's involved and what happens, but also the underlying legal principles and terminology in a property sale or purchase. Your staff will also learn how to explain the whole conveyancing process to clients in language that they will understand.



On our conveyancing course for beginners, you will be walked through the process of a conveyancing transaction from beginning to end. Including the key concepts of freehold, leasehold and interests in land.

As a result of attending our 'Conveyancing Ready' course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the distinct stages of conveyancing transactions
  • Identify and understand the steps taken on behalf of buyers and sellers at each stage
  • Recognise the key legal principles and terminology and how they link to transactions
  • Explain the conveyancing process to your clients
Conveyancing course for beginners, model house and keys on table

Course Content

Our practical course provides paralegals with a foundational knowledge of the legal processes and terminologies that are used when conducting a conveyancing transaction.

The training is split into three two hour sessions covering:

Session 1: Awareness

  • The three stages of a property transaction
  • What's involved at each stage (including funding and tax consequences)
  • Identifying the buyer's aims and the seller's aims

 Session 2: Building Blocks

  • Understanding key concepts - freehold, leasehold, interests in land, etc
  • Co-ownership
  • The Property Register

Session 3: Conversations

  • Making the client comfortable in a legal conversation
  • Acquiring and supplying information
  • Keeping accurate notes
  • Dealing with 'live' conveyancing enquiries

The course uses quizzes, practical exercises and audio case studies to ensure that the training is engaging and effective.


6 hours (2 hours x 3 sessions)


Paralegals, legal apprentices and secretaries (Max 20)


Helen Munro

To discuss how our training can help your property team or to find out more about our Conveyancing Course for Beginners, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email