Courses for paralegals

Professional standards


A session to develop your staff’s understanding of the firm’s professional and ethical obligations.

Make sure all your staff are familiar with the firm’s duties and approach to compliance. It demonstrates your commitment to their development and allows them to support the firm’s fee earning work as effectively as possible.



As a result of attending the session you will:

  • have an overview of the profession and its regulation
  • understand the basics of the SRA Standards and Regulations - principles, duties and obligations
  • know how to deal with ethical problems – or who to ask
  • understand a law firm’s responsibility in relation to conflicts, confidentiality and undertakings
  • understand a law firm’s duties to its clients, to the court and to third parties
  • appreciate the importance of managing risk



  • What are the major risks facing a law firm? How do we deal with those risks?
  • The firm’s approach to risk management
  • Client engagement and standard terms of business – setting up the relationship
  • Focus on operational risks – what can I do to help?
  • The rules and regulations affecting solicitors – the law, the Code of Conduct, COLPs and COFAs
  • Doing the right thing
  • What happens if we get it wrong?
  • Confidentiality, conflicts and undertakings – our responsibilities explored
  • Our professional duties – to the client, to the court and to third parties
  • Help is at hand – who do I ask if I need assistance?

The course uses quizzes, exercises and case studies to ensure the training is interactive and engaging.


3 hours


Paralegals and support staff
Maximum 20 per course


Rachael Davis-Stollar

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