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Anti-Money Laundering Scenarios

AML for Law Firms Training - Monitoring & Detection Scenarios

Anti-Money Laundering Training Scenarios Overview


Our Anti-Money Laundering Scenarios help you to maintain your knowledge and understand how to apply AML techniques in practice.

Released quarterly, the scenarios help to embed the right approach to the exploring and decision-making that should be an everyday part of your approach to anti-money laundering in your law firm. Each scenario takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and includes feedback and a quiz.

The scenarios are based on real examples and put you in the hot seat. Can you spot the money-launderer? You get to decide what evidence to explore and what questions to ask. Then you get to decide what to do next. Should you report to the client? Continue acting? Report to your money laundering reporting officer (MLRO)?

The scenarios are ideal for busy lawyers who already understand their obligations and don't need the introductory course. But for anyone new to AML, please see our e-learning course Anti-Money Laundering for Law Firms.


As a result of completing the AML scenarios you will know:

  • how and when to complete Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Enhanced CDD and other checks
  • why ongoing monitoring, detection and constant vigilance are essential
  • when and how to involve your firm's MLRO
  • how to avoid the risks associated with 'tipping off'
Anti-money laundering for law firms

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Course Content

In each Anti-Money Laundering scenario you will decide how to deal with the situation that is presented. What AML checks should you make? What questions should you ask the parties? How will you decide what actions should be taken?

Scenario 1 - Overseas Referral (released Dec 2020)

A potential new client is referred by a partner in an overseas office. Money arrives in the firm's bank account and your Accounts team want to know what to do with it.

Scenario 2 - Previous Client (due March 2021)

Your firm receives instructions from a previous client on two new matters. Are there any reasons for concern or suspicion?

Scenario 3 - Property Investment (due June 2021)

Your firm receives instructions from an investment company for the purchase of two high-value properties, but CDD throws up some irregularities.

Scenario 4 - Anonymous Buyer (due Sept 2021)

Instructions are received for the purchase of a luxury seaside property. There is no mortgage required, but one of the buyers refuses to be named on any official paperwork.


E-learning scenario with feedback.


About 15 minutes per scenario


Anyone working in a law firm.

If you require multiple subscriptions, please contact Kath Kinch.

To find out more about our Anti-Money Laundering for Law Firms scenarios, please contact Kath Kinch on:

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