Social Media Course


Social media platforms are powerful tools for engaging with current and prospective clients. However, many lawyers are nervous and confused about how to use them effectively.

This introductory e-learning course looks at the two key social media platforms used by lawyers – Twitter & LinkedIn. It will help you to engage more confidently and use them to enhance your personal reputation and that of your law firm.

We explore the benefits of engaging with social media, the professional parameters and also some of the practicalities. So if you’re not yet engaging fully with the social media, or want to brush up on your knowledge and techniques, this course is for you.



Once you’ve completed our Social Media e-learning course for lawyers, you’ll:

  • understand the benefits of engaging in social media;
  • have the skills to engage with social media confidently;
  • be able to take into account professional conduct issues when engaging with social media;
  • be able to differentiate between good and bad practice;
  • understand the practicalities of using Twitter; and
  • know what you need to do to improve your LinkedIn profile.



  • The good, the bad and the ugly of social media
  • Why bother?
  • Professional ethics
  • Using Twitter
  • Using LinkedIn



30 - 45 minutes


Suitable for all novice social media users of all levels of seniority within a law firm.

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