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Corporate Negotiation Training

Business Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

Course Overview

This immersive e-learning course takes you through a corporate negotiation for the purchase of a company. You play the role of the purchaser's solicitor and work through preparing for and then conducting the negotiation with the vendor's solicitor.

You receive feedback based on the choices you make as you work through the negotiation. The course  will test your attention to detail and your strategic approach, while providing tools to help you prepare for a corporate negotiation and teaching you negotiation theory and terminology.


Negotiation is an integral part of corporate life, and any business lawyer will benefit from having a robust and structured negotiating strategy.

As a result of completing this course, you will know how to prepare before a negotiation and understand the importance of doing so. Including:

  • Understanding client objectives
  • Having clear negotiation instructions
  • Knowing your priorities in a negotiation
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your bargaining position
  • Knowing your:
      • BATNA
      • Opening position
      • Walk away
  • Considering the pros and cons of adopting different negotiating styles and tactics
  • Reflecting on the outcome of a negotiation you have conducted

If you have any questions on the course content, please contact Linda Moran on
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Course Content

In this course you take the role of a corporate solicitor who has been instructed to negotiate the purchase of a company. You'll need to make sure you're fully prepared, and then negotiate specific terms of the acquisition.

Test your negotiating style, make sure you know your best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) and see whether you can hold your nerve with the opposition.

Along the way you can get help from a colleague if you need it and at the end your boss will give you feedback on your performance.

Our business negotiation training course covers:

  • An interactive negotiation scenario of purchasing a business
  • Engaging negotiation practice
  • Feedback on your performance
  • Download materials- Negotiation planner and tips
Corporate Negotiation Training



1 hour


Trainees and newly qualified solicitors.

If you require multiple subscriptions for your corporate litigation team, please contact Kath Kinch.

To discuss our corporate negotiation training training for lawyers and how we can help. Contact Linda Moran on
Phone: 0114 273 8300
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