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Time management for Legal Secretaries


This time management course for legal secretaries covers everything from how to prioritise work to handling ‘time stealers’. It is perfectly pitched to help busy legal secretaries to manage not just their own time but also the fee earners they work for. Crammed with practical tips and exercises the course is engaging and will leave secretaries eager to put into practice what they’ve learnt.



As a result of completing this e-learning course delegates will be able to:

  • Take control of their day
  • Prioritise tasks from different fee earners – from trainees to Partners
  • Understand how to identify what is urgent/important and organise their work accordingly
  • Manage expectations
  • Use resources to free up their time
  • Understand the role that delegation has to play in their day
  • Have strategies to help deal with ‘time stealers’
  • Understand the importance of focussing on a ‘client’ deadline rather than a ‘fee earner’ deadline


  • Prioritising
  • Planning
  • Time stealers



30 minutes


Legal secretaries

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