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Legal Support Staff Training

Legal support staff can include a variety of different roles in a law firm. From admin assistants and receptionists, to IT professionals, accounts assistants and legal cashiers.

These non-legal positions play an important role in providing administrative and business support in the day to day running of a law firm. So it's vital that the non-fee earning roles in a business still receive the training and development they need.

We have therefore put together a range of training that is designed to provide support staff with the essential knowledge on law firm operations and the key skills they need to excel.

Our online courses are interactive and based on actual law firm scenarios. We have courses to cover the common skills, knowledge and techniques all staff need when working in a solicitors practice.

Legal Support Staff Development

Our varied and engaging selection of courses can be taken individually or as part of a full training programme. The e-learning courses are self paced, can be taken at any location, and cover the following key skills:

  • Working with lawyers as part of a wider team
  • Awareness of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Standards & Regulations
  • Obligations when dealing with clients, the Court and third parties
  • Writing emails and effective use of email software
  • Business writing for legal support
  • Prioritisation and time management
  • Handling expectations of colleagues, managers and lawyers
  • Legal project management (LPM)

Our e-learning courses can be customised to reflect your firm's internal processes and policies.

We also offer a range of courses specifically for legal secretaries and assistants.

Find out more today

If you have questions on our legal support staff training courses, or to obtain a quote for the full suite for your department.

Please telephone Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email her at Linda@KinchRobinson.com.

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