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Induction course - Working in a law firm


This e-learning course will make sure that your new business support staff understand all of the very important professional and ethical rules that apply when working in a law firm.

Also, you’ll get peace of mind that your firm is complying with its regulatory obligations to manage risk by training all staff. It ensures consistent and good quality training, with monitoring and reporting available to ensure delegates complete all of the 7 modules that make up the Induction course.

Delegates will watch lots of different everyday scenarios that they can encounter when working in a law firm. They’ll be asked to decide on what approach to take, and be given feedback on their decisions.



As a result of completing this e-learning course delegates will:

  • know who regulates law firms and different legal professionals;
  • understand the importance of confidentiality;
  • know about the different relationships and obligations when dealing with work colleagues, clients, the court and third parties;
  • have the confidence to make the right decisions in particular situations;
  • appreciate the important role that they play in upholding the reputation of your firm and the legal profession.

The benefits to your firm are:

  • Consistent training on professional standards and ethics
  • Helps to meet a solicitor’s duties to provide a competent and timely service and ensure that staff are competent, up-to-date  and understand their obligations (See Code of Conduct for Solicitors 3.2 & 3.6)
  • Helps to meet a firm’s similar duties under the Code of Conduct for Firms 4.2  & 4.3
  • Cost-effective and time effective delivery of induction


The course explains to non-legally qualified employees exactly what it means to work in a regulated and professional service organisation.

The 7 modules cover the following key areas:

  • What’s special about law firms?
  • Solicitors and their clients
  • Solicitors and the court
  • Solicitors and third parties
  • Solicitors' undertakings
  • What if there’s a problem?
  • Professional reputation



1.5 hours


Suitable for all non-legally qualified new starters, including paralegals and claims handlers.

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