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Finance skills


Law firms have a tendency to claim that their lawyers are commercially aware. However, not all law firms can actually deliver on that claim. You can gain a real competitive edge if you can demonstrate to your clients that you really understand their finances and what makes their business tick.

This short e-learning course is designed to give lawyers a basic introduction to financial reporting, concentrating on the two key statements in any set of accounts – the profit and loss and the balance sheet.



Once you’ve completed this introductory course to understanding company accounts, you will:

  • Begin to conquer any fear of accounts
  • Understand the basic components of every set of accounts
  • Know how they fit together
  • Understand how they add up
  • Start to develop a sense of what to look for


Accounts image
  • Find your way around a Profit & Loss account
  • Understanding the components of balance sheet
  • The five key elements in every set of accounts
  • The difference between gross profit, operating profit and net profit
  • What are PBIT and EBIT?
  • Exercises to test your understanding

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