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Our GDPR e-learning course focuses on real situations and dilemmas at work. By doing so it will change attitudes and behaviours, challenge people to make good decisions, and show people how to use your policies and resources to reduce GDPR risk.



As a result of completing this course, your staff will:

  • be familiar with the key requirements of the GDPR,
  • be more careful with the data they handle,
  • know what to do when there’s a problem, and
  • be aware of the consequences of breaches.


Almost nobody will be excited about GDPR e-learning - people will expect it to be dull. So convincing them to engage will be tough. To meet that challenge, our introduction video will remind them how much their own information matters. Then we’ll encourage them to take care with other people’s data using a series of short modules with practical examples of how the GDPR applies in a range of common work scenarios.

  1. Why GDPR matters to you
  2. Principles and rights
  3. Organising and attending events
  4. Working in the office
  5. Working away from the office
  6. Email
  7. Calls
  8. How to follow your firm’s approach to GDPR
  9. Handling breaches
  10. Employee rights and duties

Easy-to-navigate scenarios – not an animated text book. Your staff can select material that’s relevant as and when they need it.

We can host the course or provide SCORM or TinCan files for you to host on your own LMS.


People can find a quick answer in 2 minutes or complete all of the modules at their own pace. Each module takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.


Suitable for all staff.

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Phone: 0114 273 8300
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