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Legal Project Management - An Introduction


This short e-learning course is a call to action.
The tools used to deliver legal services are evolving and the events of 2020 have rapidly accelerated the pace of change.
Progressive firms are expanding their LPM capabilities to improve service delivery, better manage remote teams and make more profit.


As a result of this course, you will:

  • Understand the benefits of developing your LPM capabilities
  • Consider key questions
    • Do lawyers do projects?
    • How can LPM help me to do my job better?
  • Hear the client’s perspective
  • Be encouraged to find out more

Course Content

  1. What goes wrong? Common problems in matter delivery explored
  2. The pitch – how LPM can address or mitigate those problems
  3. The project management cycle explained in overview
  4. A brief analysis of whether lawyers ‘do projects’
  5. The key benefits to your clients
  6. The key benefits to your firm (and you)
  7. What do clients say? Contributions from General Counsel
  8. What next? How can we help?



A short overview. You can stop at any time. The next time you log-in you will be prompted to restart the session at the place you left off.


10 -  15 mins


Perfect for anyone working in a law firm who wants to find out more about LPM. From paralegals to senior lawyers, and those in business support roles, the session is designed to encourage you to find out more.

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