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Motor Fraud and Fundamental Dishonesty Training

How to deal with fraudulent accident claims


The cost of motor insurance fraud in 2018 was reported at £629 million – and that was just the frauds that were detected. Of the 55,000 motor insurance frauds detected, 80% also involved personal injury fraud.

Therefore it is more vital than ever that road accident claims handlers and litigators know what to look for and can confidently refer matters to their fraud teams.

This course provides examples and guidance on the red flags that motor claims professionals should look out for when dealing with an insurance claim and any associate personal injury claim.



As a result of completing this course, your staff will gain an awareness and understanding of the issues around fraudulent motor claims, including:

  1. The three different ways in which insurance fraud arises in relation to road accident claims
  2. The warning signs that might indicate a fraudulent claim
  3. What further information you should try to gather
  4. What to do if you suspect a claim is fraudulent
induced accident training screenshot

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Course Content

This e-learning course looks at three major kinds of fraud in motor claims, in both claimant and defendant scenarios:

  • Induced accidents
  • Staged accidents
  • Fundamental dishonesty

The course uses animated accident reconstructions, case studies and Q&As to highlight what claims handlers should be looking out for. There is a supporting PDF download summarising our motor fraud training at the end of the course.

Image of suspected motor fraud accident

Fraud Scenarios Training

Our training includes animated collision reconstructions where delegates analyse the probability that an accident has been staged, or is in someway fraudulent. Our barrister will then provide their opinion via a video explanation and the relevant elements of the Law or Highway Code that should be considered.

The course also provides information on scenarios that cover:

  • 'Crash for Cash' incidents
  • Fundamental dishonesty under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
  • Staged accidents where the parties may know each other
  • Potential consequences of fraud

At the conclusion of our interactive training, your staff will have a full understanding of the main RTA fraud indicators.



Online interactive questions, animations and video.


30 minutes


Paralegals, insurance claims handlers, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers, First Notice of Loss (FNOL) handlers.

If you want to purchase multiple licences please contact Jody Jezusek.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss the course content. Please contact Jody Jezusek on:
Phone: 0114 273 8300
Email: Jody@KinchRobinson.com

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