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Negotiation Skills Training for Lawyers

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

Course Overview

Negotiating with other parties is an essential skill for a lawyer. Our e-learning legal negotiation training will help you deal with negotiations with a strategic mindset. Providing guidance, strategies and tips for negotiating with opponents on liability, quantum and procedure.

This 1 hour course introduces three key tools to help you to prepare effectively for a negotiation, as well as looking at how to handle difficult situations. You can then download a Negotiation Skills Training for Lawyers PDF at the end of the course, together with the tools you will have seen.


As a result of completing the course, you will:

  • Know how to prepare in advance for a negotiation
  • Be able to deal with nerves, pressure and difficult opponents
  • Understand your professional ethics 
  • Be more confident when using the telephone to negotiate

Whether you are new to legal negotiating or looking to improve your telephone skills, this short online course will help you achieve a successful outcome for your client.

A solicitor putting our negotiation skills training for lawyers into practise

If you have any questions on the course content, please contact Linda Moran on
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Course Content

Over three modules and with a focus on common claimant and defendant litigation situations, our training will provide the key negotiating techniques through interactive video scenarios and multiple choice questions. Covering:

  • Planning ahead for the negotiation
  • Creating a Needs Inventory
  • Deciding on your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)
  • Using a Planning Checklist
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Professional ethics when negotiating

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

Utilising our tactics and tools, you or your team will be equipped to manage the whole range of negotiation scenarios that you will encounter in a law firm.

  • Negotiating on procedure or process (court directions, time extensions etc.)
  • Negotiate on quantum (ranges, offers etc.)
  • Negotiate on liability (full, 50/50 split etc.)
  • Negotiations with opposing solicitors, insurers and third parties

Our negotiation training for lawyers has been designed by experienced litigation solicitors.



Online interactive scenarios, questions and videos.


1 hour


Junior fee earners, claims handlers and litigators. Legal staff who are involved in negotiating settlement of liability, quantum or procedural matters such as extensions of time.

If you require multiple subscriptions for your litigation team, please contact Kath Kinch.

To discuss our negotiation skills training for lawyers and how we can help. Contact Linda Moran on
Phone: 0114 273 8300
Email: Linda@KinchRobinson.com

Client Testimonials - Online Training

"Over the years I have used Kinch Robinson for legal training on many occasions, and always find them excellent.

Jane Gittins - Head of Legal - Catalyst Law