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PSC Electives Online

Professional Skills Course Elective Modules


The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is the final compulsory training that trainee solicitors must undertake before being admitted as a solicitor.

Up to 12 hours of PSC Electives can be done by 'distance learning'. So we have developed a range of e-learning modules, just for trainee solicitors that can be delivered remotely.

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of courses, so keep an eye on our website and twitter account for our latest online PSC electives.


Professional Skills Course Elective Modules

Our e-learning PSC electives include the following topics:

  • Business development & social media
  • Business writing
  • Corporate negotiation skills
  • Financial analysis and interpretation
  • Grammar
  • Introduction to the City
  • Mastering minutes
  • Proofreading
  • Punctuation
  • Time management
  • The law firm as a business
  • Understanding company accounts
  • Writing attendance notes

You can find out more on each of our elective courses on this page and also download a PDF overview for each module.

We provide monitoring and reporting for employers, and trainees can print a certificate for their records when they complete a course module.


Our online PSC electives can be purchased by individuals or through a group licence by your law firm. So please get in touch with Kath Kinch to discuss your requirements.

PSC Electives Online

PSC Electives Online Modules

Business Development & Social Media

How law firms obtain work and what you can do to play your part. It also looks at social media platforms and how lawyers can use them to engage with current and prospective clients. Duration 30 minutes.

Business Writing

Clients love lawyers who write well and this course provides trainees with simple techniques they can use to make their writing more reader-friendly. Duration 3 hours.

Corporate Negotiation Skills

This immersive e-learning course takes you through a corporate negotiation for the purchase of a company.  You play the role of the purchaser’s solicitor and work through preparing for and then conducting the negotiation with the vendor’s solicitor.   Duration 1 hour.

Financial Analysis and Interpretation

This e-learning course is designed to give lawyers a basic introduction to financial analysis and interpretation. It covers the most common key performance indicators, how to calculate them and what they mean.  Duration 1 hour

Glorious Grammar

This elective will help trainees to avoid grammatical errors and will help them to improve the quality of their writing. Duration 2 hours.

Introduction to the City

If you are new to corporate finance, this course is essential viewing, enabling you to navigate meetings and documentation with a basic understanding of the City's institutions, people and decision-making. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

Mastering Minutes

How to write effective minutes. You'll learn how to manage your note taking, as well as getting a host of tips to ensure that you prepare complete, concise and well-structured minutes that you'll be proud to share. Duration 1 hour.


This course gives trainee solicitors tips and techniques to help when proofreading documents and evidence. It includes plenty of exercises to check how good you are at spotting errors in documents. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.


Good punctuation is at the heart of clear and effective writing, which is a fundamental skill for all lawyers. Our course gives trainees a thorough reminder of how to use punctuation marks accurately, with plenty of tests to check that they've got it. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

The Law Firm as a Business

Examines the key aspects of how law firms operate in a commercial context. explore the importance of managing the firm's cash flow and examine how time recording and transaction management impact on profitability and how quickly your firm gets paid. Duration 1 hour.

Time Management

Strong time management skills are worth their weight in gold when it comes to surviving your training contract. This course looks at techniques for improving your time, how you can make the most of your day by planning and prioritising your work effectively. Duration 1 hour.

Understanding Company Accounts

This e-learning course is designed to give lawyers a basic introduction to financial analysis and interpretation. It covers the most common key performance indicators, how to calculate them and what they mean. Duration 2 hours.

Writing Attendance Notes

In this course you'll watch and make notes of a client meeting, have a go at drafting the attendance note itself and get the chance to compare your notes with ours. Duration 1 hour.


30 minutes to 3 hours per module


Trainee solicitors, PSC students


If you would to find out about multiple subscriptions for our various PSC electives online please contact Kath Kinch.

To discuss our online PSC Elective Modules and how to purchase, please contact Kath Kinch:
Phone: 0114 273 8300
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