Drafting a Defence Training

How to draft a defence


Our e-learning course provides guidance and tips for drafting a Defence in a Civil Litigation claim.

It looks at the different ways you can deal with the allegations made in the Particulars of Claim along with how to plan and draft a Defence.

At the end of the course there are two PDFs for you to download. The first covers the formalities required by the Civil Procedure Rules, and the second provides a note of the key points to remember when drafting a Defence.


The Defence is a critical formal document (also known as a 'Statement of Case') that sets out a defendant's position in relation to the Particulars of Claim that has been served by the claimant.

A legal representative acting for the Defendant must be able to set out a clear statement of the facts in the Defence on which they intend to rely on over the course of the claim.

Completing our Drafting a Defence training course, you will know:

  • The aims of a Defence
  • How to analyse the Particulars of Claim (PoC)
  • Strategies to plan before you start drafting a Defence
  • The three options for responding to allegations in the Particulars of Claim
  • The formal requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules
Drafted Defence

Course Content

Our online course is perfect for those in Civil Litigation or Personal Injury who act for defendants, review Defences on a regular basis or deal with counterclaims.

The e-learning course covers:

  • Your defence options for dealing with the allegations made in the Particulars of Claim
  • Analysing the Particulars of Claim
  • Getting instructions from your client
  • Planning the Defence
  • Drafting tips
  • Reviewing a Defence and proofreading



25 minutes


Litigators, junior fee-earners and claims handlers who draft or review Defences.

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