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Claiming for Care and Assistance Training


This e-learning course looks at valuing care in personal injury claims, including the evidence needed and the rates which apply and can be claimed.

It also looks at claims for therapy, therapeutic aids, accommodation and appliances.

The course is an ideal introduction for junior lawyers, claims handlers and those new to PI.


When a person suffers a serious injury, it often results in disabilities or at least restrictions that give rise to the requirement for some kind of care.

While losses relating to earnings will be significant in serious injury matters, the Claimant's claim for their past and future care and assistance is often one of the largest aspects of their personal injury settlement.

After you have completed our course, you will know:

  • What a Claimant can recover for the cost of care
  • The approach to valuing claims for:
    • Gratuitous care
    • Commercial care
  • The evidence needed to support claims for care, therapy and therapeutic appliances

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Injured person receiving care and lawyer valuing care in personal injury claims

Course Content

  • Gratuitous care provided by an injured person's friends and family
  • Commercial care provided by a professional and appropriate carer
  • Therapeutic appliances and therapy claims
  • Evidence required for a care and assistance claim (medical, assessments, witness statements etc.)
  • Things to look out for in a head of claim for care
  • Quick reference PDF guide to download

It's critical that a Claimant claims sufficient compensation to fund their ongoing care and assistance during their lifetime or prior to making a full recovery.

Calculating the amount that can be claimed for all aspects of an individual's future care (such as adaptations, accommodation, gratuitous and professional care) can be a complex task, especially when it involves collating the required evidence and using the various care claim hourly rates.

It is therefore important that any lawyer dealing with these types of claims understands the basics.




20 minutes


Trainee solicitors, paralegals, litigation assistants and claims handlers.

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