Valuing Loss of Earnings Training - Quantum

How to calculate loss of earnings for a personal injury claim


This e-learning course looks at how to value a claim for loss of earnings in a personal injury case.

It covers the evidence needed when the Claimant is employed and when they are self-employed. It also looks at how to evaluate the evidence to make sure that it supports the sums claimed.

The online course is an ideal introduction for trainees, junior lawyers and claims handlers.


This course will provide guidance in identifying and calculating loss of earnings which is one of the main heads of special damages in a personal injury claim.

Recovering the maximum lost income or wages as part of your client's claim is critical, while ensuring any schedule of loss is realistic. After you have completed this course, you will know:

  • The legal basis of a claim for loss of earnings
  • How to calculate a loss of earnings claim
  • What evidence is required to support a claim when the Claimant is employed (full time, part time, temporary etc.)
  • The evidence needed for a loss of earnings claim when self-employed (sole traders, gig economy etc.)

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Valuing loss of earnings using a payslip

Course Content

  • Employed case study
  • Self-Employed case study - proving loss of earnings when self employed
  • Reviewing the evidence (wage slips, tax returns, benefits, deductions)
  • Future loss of earnings (multipliers, discount rate)
  • Loss of Earnings Quiz
  • Download a helpful loss of earnings quick guide as a PDF

Our course examines the law, procedure and best practise in pleading a claim for loss of income. These skills will allow you to accurately calculate and advise your client on their recoverable earnings losses.




25 minutes


Trainee solicitors, paralegals, litigation assistants and personal injury claims handlers.

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