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RTA Claims Training

RTA e-learning - Online training for your RTA Claims Team

Course Overview

Do you have a large motor claims team to train?

Do you regularly recruit new staff that need bringing up to speed with handling Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims?

If so, our e-learning could be just what you need. The online course is already a big hit with clients such as Kennedys and One Call Claims, and could be for your organisation too.

Our online RTA Claims Training programme is a great way to ensure that all members of your claims team have the same training. With online tools to easily check who has completed the modules and how well they have done. The assessments included can also be used as an evaluation tool when recruiting new members of staff.



We have developed a unique and exciting range of online resources to train staff on how to assess liability in road traffic accident claims. Including:

  • Assessing liability in RTAs - e-learning course
  • 130 animated accident reconstructions with barrister feedback
  • Online tests with animated accident reconstructions
  • Liability assessments using realistic documents

We can also offer face-to-face training if this is better suited to your requirements. Therefore, if you would like more information on this please visit our RTA team training programme.

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Course Content

Our course covers the most common road accident scenarios that claims handlers and litigators will encounter in their role. With visual online training on the specific type of motor accident, delegates will be shown the process of collecting evidence and assessing the negligence position. Our RTA liability course includes:

  • Driving hazards video
  • The law of negligence relating to RTA claims
  • Applying the law
  • Gathering evidence to prove your case
  • Dealing with conflicting evidence

RTA Liability Scenarios

We have over 130 animated accident reconstructions where delegates will have to decide who is liable for each collision. They can then discover whether their opinion on the liability position matches that of our barrister. Our barrister provides expert commentary that highlights the important factors that should be taken into account with each specific accident scenario.

Our scenarios cover collisions that occur:

  • In car parks
  • On country roads (single track etc.)
  • With cyclists, motorbikes and pedestrians
  • On roundabouts
  • With the emergency services
  • On motorways and dual carriageways (multi lane accidents)
  • With large vehicles (vans, HGVs etc.)

You can view a full preview of our current accident scenarios. Our online test then includes 11 accident scenarios where delegates must decide on the liability position. They are then scored on their answers which are centrally accessible for reporting and evaluation.

Liability Assessment Skills

Delegates are then taken through a case study to understand the process of establishing liability. The study utilises realistic documents such as:

  • Claim Notification Form (CNF)
  • Client questionnaire
  • Map of accident site
  • Photographs of accident site
  • Engineer's report
  • Police accident report
  • Witness evidence

In addition, our assessments can also be used as a recruitment tool to check a candidates' knowledge of liability in motor claims.

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To obtain a quote, book or discuss any questions you have on our RTA claims training.

Please contact Jody Jezusek on 0114 273 8300 or at Jody@KinchRobinson.com.

roundabout liability scenario training

Client Testimonial - RTA Online Training

"Over the years I have used Kinch Robinson for legal training on many occasions, and always find them excellent. This new product – RTA liability training, is no exception. It is a great tool for RTA claims handlers"

Jane Gittins - Catalyst Law

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