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Supervising Legal Apprentices Training

How to supervise a law apprentice


Supervising legal apprentices is different to supervising trainee solicitors. Most of them are fresh out of school with limited office based experience, so it can be a steep learning curve for both the supervisor and the apprentice!

This e-learning course will give you tips and techniques to make sure you nurture the youngest talent in your firm.


What is a law/legal apprenticeship?

Legal apprenticeships are targeted at students who have left school or college after completing GCSEs, A-levels or AS-Levels. They are also an option for those who are already working in a support or paralegal role in a law firm.

In September 2016 the Law Society launched apprenticeships for solicitors, legal executives and paralegals as an alternative route into the solicitor profession. As such you can now complete a law apprenticeship to qualify for a variety of roles including:

Training Outcomes

After completing our online course, as an apprentice supervisor you will:

  • Understand how legal apprenticeships work
  • Be better at delegation and feedback
  • Have improved awareness of any generational differences
  • Ensure that apprentices are given the best learning opportunities within your law firm or legal department

Find out more

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Course Content

On our supervising legal apprentices training course you will learn how law apprenticeships work, how to delegate well to an apprentice and provide them with good feedback for improvements.

  • What are legal apprenticeships?
  • Managing expectations: office etiquette, dress, time-keeping, use of phones
  • Delegation and tasks
  • Appropriate feedback
  • Managing different generations (generation X, Y, & Z)
  • Handling tricky situations, such as inappropriate behaviours, pressure and stress



30 minutes


Lawyers, managers and other people in your organisation who are responsible for supervising legal apprentices.

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We also offer a full range of legal skills training that has been designed specially for legal apprentices. So for further information on these please take a look at our courses for legal apprentices page.