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Supervising legal apprentices


Supervising legal apprentices is different to supervising trainee solicitors. Most of them are fresh out of school with limited office experience so it can be a steep learning curve for both the supervisor and the apprentice!

This e-learning course will give you tips and techniques to make sure you nurture the youngest talent in your firm.



After completing the course, your apprentice supervisors will:

  • Understand how legal apprenticeships work
  • Be better at delegation and feedback
  • Be more aware of generational differences
  • Ensure that apprentices are given the best learning opportunities within your firm



  • What are legal apprenticeships?
  • Managing expectations: office etiquette, dress, time-keeping, use of phones
  • Delegation
  • Managing different generations
  • Handling tricky situations such as inappropriate behaviours and stress



30 minutes


Lawyers and other people in your organisation who are responsible for supervising legal apprentices.

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