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Time Management Training for Lawyers

Time Management Courses for Lawyers

Courses Overview

When you're struggling to manage all of your work in the available time, it's really difficult to fit in some training to learn new techniques which will help.

So we've developed some short e-learning courses which you can fit in at a time and place to suit your schedule.

Our time management e-learning courses provide busy lawyers with ideas and tips which really help them regain control of their time.

Effective Delegation

Delegation skills are important both for a lawyer and law firm. If tasks are going to be completed efficiently and cost effectively, work must be carried out by the right person, at the right level, at the right time.

Effective delegation skills allow fee earners realise their billable time potential, spend less resource on non-essential items, and develop other members of the team.

Our Delegation Training for Lawyers short course helps lawyers be more effective with delegation and get more done.

Prioritising Work

Effective prioritising and work planning can make a dramatic improvement to a lawyer's day to day work-life. When faced with demanding clients and opponents, court deadlines, protocol date compliance and team responsibilities, choosing what comes next can be extremely difficult.

Lawyers only have so much time during a working day, and simply jumping from urgent task to urgent task can easily lead to poor productivity, low morale and even burnout.

Our Planning & Prioritising Training for Lawyers short course will show legal staff how to make the most out of their day.

Time Management Training for Lawyers quote - "Time is what we want most but what we use worst"

To discuss what time management training we can offer, either onsite or online, please contact Doug Robinson

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