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Delegation Training for Lawyers

Delegation skills for lawyers


For many people, delegation doesn't come naturally. However it's an essential business skill, particularly in a law firm where time and money are both precious commodities. Good delegation is a bit of an art form, and this course is perfect for those who find delegation a struggle or where a department isn't operating as efficiently as it needs to be.

Using practical exercises, this e-learning course looks at why lawyers find it difficult to delegate, why it's important that you do delegate and what good delegation looks like.



Once you have completed this e-learning course on delegation you will:

  • understand the barriers to delegation;
  • appreciate why delegation is important for managing your own time along with maximising the efficiency in your department; and
  • know what steps to take to delegate well.

If you have any questions on our delegation skills training, please get in touch with Doug Robinson at:

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Course Content

Most of us never think about delegation, especially if we are lucky enough to work in a law firm where most of the right people are doing the right work at the right level.

But if things aren't running smoothly, and people aren't delivering in the way you expect, then our delegation training for lawyers might be the fix that you need.

It will help you work out what is going wrong and why. You'll pick up some clever moves for managing the whole delegation process resulting in you and your team being more productive.

Our course covers:

  • Delegation decisions
  • Delegating tasks, work and activities
  • What prevents people from delegating?
  • What does good delegation look like?
  • Helpful PDF of key tips to download



30 minutes


Perfect for lawyers at all levels who work in a team and directly manage or need to delegate to other members of staff.

If you would like to buy multiple subscriptions for your legal team, please contact Kath Kinch.

We can also offer other time management courses to complement our delegation training for lawyers including Planning & Prioritising skills.

To discuss how our time management e-learning courses can help your firm, please contact Doug Robinson at:

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