Planning and Prioritising Training for Lawyers

Planning & Prioritising Skills


This is a great course for lawyers looking to improve how they manage their workload. Let's face it, we could all benefit from having more control over our working day.

Our e-learning course teaches a range of techniques on how to prioritise tasks, and then plan how to carry out those tasks efficiently. We'll also show you how to protect that plan, so that your time isn't hi-jacked by the demands of others.



Once you've completed our e-learning course on planning and prioritising you will:

  • know how to prioritise your work quickly and effectively;
  • be able to plan your time more efficiently;
  • understand the importance of scheduling work to use your most productive times; and
  • have strategies for protecting your time when new demands interfere with your plan.

If you have any questions on our planning and prioritising training, please get in touch with Doug Robinson at:

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Course Content

Planning and prioritising skills are crucial for everyone in their professional and personal life. Without control of your time and the ability to identify and prioritise what is important, it is near impossible to be as productive as you can be.

In a busy law firm, when we are not focused on the tasks that make us effective lawyers, we begin to waste potentially billable time and precious energy on minor and mundane activities.

Our short online course can provide your law firm staff with new skills to be aware of and deal with the areas that will improve their daily planning and productivity.

This training covers:

  • What goes wrong?
  • How successful lawyers prioritise their workload
  • Planning your time based on your priorities
  • Tips for increasing your productivity
  • Handling interruptions



30 minutes


Ideal for lawyers at all levels who want to take control of their work and achieve more in the available time.

If you would like to purchase multiple subscriptions please contact Kath Kinch.

We can also offer other time management training to complement our Planning & Prioritising skills course for lawyers including Delegation training.

To discuss how our time management e-learning course suite can help your firm, please contact Doug Robinson at:

Phone: 07879 401567
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