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How to work from home effectively

Working from home tips


Our training takes you through 5 top tips on how to work from home effectively.

With our free online course, we will show you how to make the most out of working from home by reflecting on your set-up and suggesting changes you can make to your routine. Helping you maintain good physical and mental health when working remotely.

Training Outcomes

There are huge benefits for both businesses and individuals in working from home. With less commuting, greater time flexibility and improving the all important work/life balance.

However there are also many challenges to being a productive remote worker.

As a result of completing our free training course you will understand:

  • how to create an effective workspace
  • how to sit at your desk correctly
  • the number of breaks you should be taking
  • what to do to maximise the benefits of your breaks
  • how to set yourself a routine to avoid mental fatigue
  • how to communicate successfully with your team while working remotely
home office setup showing how to work from home effectively

Course Content

When you are working remotely, it is critical to have the basic skills to ensure you are comfortable and can collaborate with colleagues effectively.

Our free online course covers:

  1. Creating an effective workspace at home
  2. Seating and posture in a home working office
  3. Taking breaks when homeworking
  4. Setting a routine
  5. Communicating with your work team

"Home working is here to stay"

According to a study, employee home working is likely to be a permanent fixture for a majority of UK businesses.

A survey of 1,000 firms by the Institute of Directors indicates that around 74% of companies plan on maintaining the increase in home working. With more than half planning to reduce their long-term use of office workplaces.

Read the full article on the BBC News website.




15 minutes


Anyone working remotely, or businesses that want to train employees to effectively work from home.

To discuss how we can help, please contract Linda Moran on -

Phone: 0114 273 8300
Email: Linda@KinchRobinson.com