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Writing and Drafting Skills Online Training

Professional business writing skills are becoming increasingly a key requirement for employees. Letters, emails and legal documents all need to be produced in an effective and efficient manner every day. So our online e-learning courses are designed to improve your writing skills in an interactive and engaging environment.

Covering legal document drafting such as briefs, directions and statements, to general business writing, grammar and punctuation.

At your own pace, we will show you how to improve your writing style to produce accurate, clear and effective written communications.

Writing and Drafting Skills on paper

Importance of Clear Written Communications

Poor business writing is not just an irritation to colleagues and clients, it's a productivity drain that can effect even the most professional organisation. When employees need to spend time correcting, redrafting and restructuring their written communications, they are not spending time contributing to the goals of the business.

Some of the more common issues that you may encounter are:

  • Poor document structure
  • Incorrect use of grammar and punctuation
  • Failing to consider how a receiver may interpret your written language
  • A lack of focus and clarity in documents
  • Communication that is laden with jargon
  • Text that is obscure and verbose
  • Misunderstanding of basic email etiquette
  • Inadequate proofreading

A poor writing style can be the cause of many productivity and client satisfaction issues. But with our suite of writing and drafting training courses, we can help your team improve their skills and standardise their communication.

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