Brief to Counsel


This e-learning course helps litigators to write briefs to Counsel efficiently and effectively. Whilst there aren’t any formal legal requirements to writing a brief, a well-structured set of clear instructions is vital to ensure Counsel does the best possible job representing your client.

Delegates will find out what to put in and what to leave out, how to present the case clearly, and get tips to improve their writing.   There is an option to add a drafting exercise at the end of the course.



After completing the course, delegates will be able to:

  • tell counsel what to do
  • cover the background, the facts and the law in sufficient detail
  • describe the issues
  • set out our views on the strengths and weaknesses of case
  • produce well-thought out and structured briefs


  • What is a brief for?
  • What does Counsel want?
  • Structure of the brief
  • Writing with focus – includes hints and tips on writing techniques

The course includes a template which can be downloaded for future use.

Drafting exercise

You can include an optional drafting exercise at the end of the course. You will be asked to draft a brief to Counsel based on a case study. You will then receive written feedback on your draft from one of our experienced tutors.


A practical e-learning course that uses an example brief to counsel. The course includes a downloadable template and links to additional writing skills tips.


30 minutes without drafting exercise

2 hours with drafting exercise


Suitable for junior solicitors, trainee solicitors, paralegals, legal executives and case handlers.

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