Mastering minutes


We’ve all been there…that feeling of dread after being asked to take the minutes of a meeting. Should you take a verbatim account of the meeting, or will a task-led note be sufficient? Should you include negative comments, and how on earth do you keep up with fast paced debate and the action points that arise?

This course is all about writing effective minutes. You’ll learn how to manage your note taking, as well as getting a host of tips to ensure that you prepare complete, concise and well-structured minutes that you’ll be proud to share.



The course uses video and exercises to take you through the following topics:

  • Preparation before a meeting
  • Taking notes
  • Turning notes into minutes
  • Approval and circulation of minutes

You will be able to download templates for an attendance sheet and for writing up your minutes as you work through the course. At the end of the course you can download a pdf with our top tips.


As a result of completing this e-learning course on writing minutes you’ll:

  • understand the importance of liaising with the Chair so you understand what kind of minutes are required
  • understand how a good agenda can help the minute-taker
  • know how to prepare your notepad to ensure you take notes effectively
  • be able to take notes that can easily be turned into minutes
  • know what to include and what to leave out of the minutes
  • be able to prepare complete, concise and well-structured minutes



1 hour


Perfect for anyone working within a law firm who is responsible for taking minutes of meetings – including paralegals and support staff. The course is also available as an Online PSC Elective for trainee solicitors.

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