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Professional Skills Course

PSC Elective - Effective minutes and attendance notes


We think that to produce excellent minutes you need to understand the basics of good written communication and the basics of running an effective meeting.

The course addresses the fundamentals of good writing, how to organise and run productive meetings and the specifics of producing high quality minutes.



As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • develop a well-organised approach to taking minutes
  • prepare more effectively, including liaising with the chair
  • plan before writing (actions or matter of record?)
  • select an appropriate format
  • demonstrate improved listening skills
  • ensure the writing suits their readers
  • produce minutes that are concise, clear and easy to read
  • use techniques which will help you to present complex proposals clearly and succinctly
  • summarise effectively
  • review your work effectively



Identifying the problems when taking minutes

  • 'Have-a-go' minute-taking exercise
  • What goes wrong?

Practical techniques to improve minute taking

  • Formal requirements
  • Action based minutes – identifying actions and outcomes
  • Matter of record – recording arguments and key points
  • Personal assertiveness as minute-taker
  • Abbreviation
  • Use of templates, styles, presentation, layout

The basics of good writing

Taking attendance notes

  • 'Have-a-go' attendance note exercise
  • What to record

A clear guide to good practice

  • What will I do differently in the future?

The course uses video reconstructions of meetings as the basis for exercises and discussion. The tutor uses feedback on delegates' work to bring out and reinforce the key techniques and learning points.


2 - 3 hours


Trainees who take formal or informal minutes and write attendance notes.

Maximum 12 per course


Doug Robinson
Rachael Davis-Stollar

To discuss how we can help call Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300.