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Professional Skills Course

PSC Elective - Presentation skills


Trainees develop their skills for presenting to colleagues and clients. They will learn how to prepare and deliver high quality presentations at short notice.


As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • plan effectively
  • understand the benefits of rehearsal
  • deliver with confidence
  • present with impact



Short presentations

  • Two minutes to prepare, two minutes to present...

What's your problem?

  • Individual fears and difficulties
  • Projecting self-confidence
  • Setting individual targets

Preparation Skills

  • Tuning in to your audience
  • Room set-up
  • Key messages & making it appealing
  • How much should I tell them?
  • Avoiding overload, irrelevancies and irritators


  • Volume & tone
  • Handling silence & handling questions
  • Using visual aids
  • What to do when things goes wrong
  • Projecting a professional image

Practical workshop with constructive feedback and optional video analysis.


3 or 6 hours


Trainee solicitors

Maximum 6 per course


Doug Robinson
Peter Kinch
Vanessa Collingridge

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