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Professional Skills Course

PSC Elective - Introduction to the City


An introduction to London’s financial markets.

A guided tour in plain English looking at the products, the institutions and the people at the heart of the City.

Who are they?

What do they do?

Why do they do it?

How do they make decisions?



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • understand the essentials of corporate finance, investment and speculation
  • understand the roles various City participants play in the financial markets
  • develop your ability to analyse commercial and legal decision-making by companies, investors and others in the City
  • contribute knowledgeably to discussions about the financial markets


Case Study 1: The “Wants”

A company makes decisions on raising money. The corporate finance journey from early-stage seed investment as a start-up through to listing on the stock exchange as a mature business

Case Study 2: The “Haves”

A pension fund makes investment decisions

Case Study 3: The ‘Speculators”

A hedge fund makes decisions on interest rate swaps, shorting shares, and commodities futures contracts

 Topics covered (including an extensive glossary of common terminology)

  • Debt, equity and derivative instruments
  • Loan facilities, notes and bonds
  • Common share classes
  • Seed, angel, venture capital, private equity, float, crowdfunding
  • Admission Documents and Prospectuses
  • Leverage and gearing
  • Hedging to manage risk
  • Banks, brokers, advisers, asset managers, pension providers
  • How markets, companies and institutions are regulated
  • How to read the financial pages

Practical workshop with three realistic case studies and tutor-led discussion


6 hours


Anyone new to the financial markets


Tanya Gass

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