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Professional Skills Course

PSC Elective - Time management


This course addresses the difficulties that trainee lawyers face in handling competing priorities.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • win back more control over your diary and workflow
  • improve your planning skills
  • manage other people’s expectations
  • handle conflicting priorities efficiently
  • use your energy effectively, not waste it


  1. What stops you? 
    Identifying 'barriers' to time management

  2. Controlling interruptions
  3. Prioritising 
    How to get in tune with your department’s priorities Doing the right things - being efficient as well as busy Tackling difficult tasks

  4. Planning
    Daily / weekly planning

  5. Routines
    Co-operation on regular tasks

  6. People’s expectations 
    Managing and meeting expectations Saying 'No'?
  7. Delegation skills 
    Effective techniques for delegating (and being delegated to…) Playing your role in effective supervision
  8. Case and Transaction Management 
    Simple keys to effective project management Contributing effectively Ground rules for behaviour at meetings

Tutor led workshop using case studies, exercises and videos.


3 hours


Trainee solicitors

Maximum 20 per course


Doug Robinson
Rachael Davis-Stollar

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