Advocacy – Applications & Speeches

Advocacy – Applications & Speeches


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Advocacy e-learning for all courts and tribunals , including interim application hearings, inquests, employment tribunals and immigration tribunals.

A suite of advocacy applications and speeches e-learning providing the foundations and techniques for developing strong advocacy skills.

Course Content


This suite of advocacy e-learning courses provides the foundation knowledge and techniques for developing strong advocacy skills for all courts and tribunals, including interim application hearings, inquests, employment tribunals and immigration tribunals. 

There are two levels which each look at Communication, Structure and Persuasion.

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  • Court language
  • Nerves, standing and breathing
  • Written and spoken English
  • Starting off
  • Issues and tests
  • Proposition and support
  • Case theory
  • Coherence and congruence
  • Control and choice


  • Court officer and partisan advocate
  • Variety and modulation
  • Start, stop and re-engage
  • Signposts and lists
  • Sequences and alternatives
  • Overviews and routing
  • Trust building
  • Anticipation and tracking weaknesses
  • Sharing values and experiences


As a result of completing this course, you will:

  • communicate competently and effectively as an advocate
  • use different communication styles to engage and build trust
  • frame and deliver your submissions with impact
  • structure an application effectively based on the law, your arguments and the evidence
  • use a range of techniques to guide a judge
  • understand and deploy the key components of a persuasive argument
  • avoid common advocacy errors

Advocacy - Applications and Speeches E-learning suite

Each level takes 2.5 - 3 hours


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Outstanding. Everyone should go on this course. Great speaker. Really useful and practical.
Stephen Ross
30 April 2013
A very helpful session. Peter was an engaging speaker and I will definitely put his advice into practice. Although it felt like hard word to read articles/submit articles beforehand, it was very useful on the day.
Emma Flower
30 April 2013
Good course length. I feel I have learnt things I can use straight away (not just in writing articles but writing generally). Very good idea to have specific articles to work on.
Julian McFall
30 April 2013