Article writing for lawyers

Article writing for lawyers

Learn how to turn legal material into published articles that people actually want to read – with snappy headlines and engaging content that get you noticed.

This article writing course for lawyers helps you write accurate articles with a professional style and enthusiasm for your subject.

Who is it for?

Perfect for any professional who wants to improve their writing skills.

  • PSC Elective accredited
  • PEAT 2 accredited

Course content

Live training

Live training overview

A highly practical article writing for lawyers course based on the delegates’ own draft articles.  By sharing their work the delegates learn how to select and use different writing techniques according to readers’ reactions and feedback.


  • Purpose – why exactly are you writing this article?
  • Identifying your readers
  • Catching and keeping their attention
  • Complying with editorial guidelines
  • Selecting a bright angle on dull material
  • How to write a striking introduction
  • How to deliver your key messages
  • Developing flexibility – tuning the tone to the publication


As a result of attending the course, delegates will be able to:

  • write engaging articles for publication
  • identify angles that resonate with their readers
  • write compelling headlines and introductions
  • use key words and phrasing for better impact


Writing exercises and mutual reviews based on draft articles submitted before joining the course. Discussion in breakout rooms and individual tutor feedback and support.


Max 6


3 hours


Article writing for lawyers
"Outstanding. Everyone should go on this course. Great speaker. Really useful and practical."
Article writing for lawyers
A very helpful session. Peter was an engaging speaker and I will definitely put his advice into practice. Although it felt like hard work to read articles/submit articles beforehand, it was very useful on the day.

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