Business development & marketing

Business development & marketing

This business development & marketing course covers the key skills that are essential for building your profile, retaining and winning clients, and identifying new sources of work.

You can learn to play an effective part in your firm’s business development & marketing, even if “sales” may never be your thing.

Who is it for?

Perfect for lawyers and trainee solicitors.

  • PSC Elective accredited

Course content

E-learning overview

Successful law firms ensure that all of their lawyers are involved in their business development and marketing activities. With a full understanding of a firm’s business development strategy, lawyers can contribute to the firm’s growth and retain existing clients.

This e-learning course looks at how law firms get work and what you can do to play your part.


Our online course will help your lawyers understand the part they can play in promoting your law firm. With knowledge of how new business can be generated, lawyers can then take steps to contribute to client acquisition, growth and retention.

The course covers:

  • How law firms generate business
  • Marketing or business development?
  • Awareness of the different routes law firms use to attract and retain clients
  • Common business development activities for lawyers
  • Spot opportunities to promote yourself and your department
  • Playing your part in promoting yourself and the firm
  • Case study exercise


Lawyers are not salespeople, however that shouldn’t prevent them recognising how their actions can help a firm secure new clients and identify new areas or sources of work.

As a result of completing this course, you will:

  • understand the difference between business development and marketing;
  • know how law firms generate new business;
  • have considered how to support the activities of your marketing department;
  • know what you can do to contribute.


Business development & marketing
This course is a quick review of the most common business development considerations in a law firm. It is well presented and combines practical exercises and in-depth explanations of the BD approach in question.
October 2023

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