Case analysis motor claims

Case analysis motor claims

Strong case analysis skills are crucial to making good liability decisions in motor claims. This course is perfect to build on a basic understanding of the law and focuses on how to analyse the evidence, apply legal knowledge and explain liability decisions to clients and opponents.

This case analysis motor claims course is ideal for junior lawyers and claims handlers needing to improve critical thinking in RTA claims.
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Who is it for?

Recommended for lawyers and litigation staff.

Course content

Live training overview

This live online course is based on realistic case studies and involves delegates working individually and in break-out rooms to review evidence in road traffic accident claims and apply the law to the facts. 

Delegates can extend their knowledge with our online RTA liability scenarios.


  • Negligence refresher
  • Case studies using realistic materials
    • Identifying the allegations of negligence
    • How does the Highway Code help or hinder the Claimant?
    • Identifying and analysing the evidence
    • Does the evidence support the allegations?
    • Is there any contributory negligence?
    • What questions will a judge be asking themselves?
  • Recap


As a result of attending the course, you will be better at:

  • analysing the facts in motor claims
  • identifying claims with good prospects of success
  • selecting evidence appropriately
  • understanding and using key legal concepts and language
  • progressing claims efficiently


Paralegals, legal apprentices, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers, claims handlers


2 hours

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