Case Analysis Slips & Trips

Case Analysis Slips & Trips

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Strong case analysis skills are crucial to making good liability decisions in tripping and slipping claims. This course is perfect to build on a basic understanding of the law and focuses on how to analyse the evidence, apply legal knowledge and explain liability decisions to clients and opponents.

This Case Analysis Slips & Trips course is ideal for junior lawyers who need to improve their evidence gathering in trips and slips claims.

Course Content

Live Online

This live online course is based on realistic case studies and involves delegates working individually and in break-out rooms to review evidence and apply the law to the facts.  

Delegates can extend their learning with our online liability scenarios on trips and slips.


  • The cause of action – what will the Claimant need to prove?
  • Identifying possible defences – what will the Defendant need to prove?
  • What evidence does each party need?
  • Contributory negligence
  • Case studies using realistic materials
    • Slip in a supermarket
    • Trip on a pavement
    • Trip at work


As a result of attending the course, you will be better at:

  • analysing the facts in slipping and tripping claims
  • identifying claims with good prospects of success
  • selecting evidence appropriately
  • understanding and using key legal concepts and language
  • progressing claims efficiently


Paralegals, legal apprentices, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers, claims handlers

Case Analysis in Trips & Slips Live Online Course

2 hours

Lawyers and litigation staff


Our face-to-face course takes place at your office.

We cover the same topics as the live online course. 


See our live online course for details of content and outcomes.

Case Analysis in Trips & Slips Face-to-face Course

3 hours

Lawyers and litigation staff (max 6)


This highly interactive e-learning course is a must for improving the efficiency of junior solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and claims handlers working on trips and slips cases. Huge time pressure and squeezed margins (on both the claimant and the defendant side) mean that running or defending the wrong claims is a waste of time and money. Making the right decisions on liability is more crucial than ever, and our training will give your staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to get them right. This e-learning is a cost-effective way to train large numbers of staff so they have a consistent approach to investigating claims and assessing liability.


This online course focuses on trips and slips cases. We’ve developed a bank of animated accident scenarios which guide users through interactive online exercises to teach them a methodical approach to assessing liability. Leading personal injury barristers from Parklane Plowden Chambers provide expert insight into each scenario. Users get practical guidance on case handling from an evidential and practical perspective, plus a steer towards relevant case law and applicable legislation.

The scenarios we cover include:

  • Slip in a supermarket
  • Trip in a carpark
  • Slip in a hospital
  • Trip on a manhole cover
  • Slip in a spa
  • Trip on a pothole
  • Slip in an outdoor market
  • Trip over a street sign
  • Slip in a commercial kitchen
  • Trip on a tree root
  • Slip in an airport
  • Trip in the street
  • Slip on wet leaves
  • Trip on wiring in office
  • Slip on snow and ice


As a result of this e-learning, you will:

  • Develop a consistent approach to assessing evidence
  • Make better decisions on liability
  • Avoid running or defending the wrong claims


E-learning, interactive questions, expert video analysis


Junior solicitors, claim handlers, paralegals and litigation assistants. Both Claimant and Defendant.

Case Analysis in Trips & Slips E-learning Course

1 ½ - 3 hours depending on your own pace

Claims handlers

£90 + VAT pp


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