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COLP Update

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Our COLP Update session covers all the essentials – refreshing you on the basics, reminding you about the key duties, and offers lots of tips on how to fulfil the role effectively.

Our COLP Update session brings you all the latest developments relevant to this key compliance role.

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Compliance officers have always had a tough job. A senior role in any law firm, the COLP has always been seen as part CEO / part “Police Commissioner”. But practice has not always followed the hype.  This course covers all the key duties and risks for COLPs and their teams.


This session looks at the following topics:

  • Who can be a COLP?
  • What is the role of the COLP?
    • Compliance, complaints, confessions and competence
    • Risk Management generally
    • Liaison with the regulator(s)
  • Codes of Conduct – monitoring and supervision
  • Codes of Conduct – reporting
  • Wider issues – business and practice management
  • What to look for – common problems and errors
  • Statutory obligations
    • Notification
    • Absences
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Replacement
  • What to look for – marketing, competition and competence


As a result of the course you will:
• understand the role of the COLP
• know how to discharge the COLP’s duties effectively


Tutor-led session with practical scenarios


1-3 hrs to suit your requirements


COFA Update Live Online Course

1 - 3 hours

COLPs and their teams.


See ‘Live Online@ for course details.

COFA Update Face-to-face Course

1 - 3 hours

COLPs and their teams.


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