Delegation Training for Lawyers

Delegation Training for Lawyers

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Delegation training for lawyers. Effective delegation is fundamental for the efficient operation of a law firm. Don’t rely on picking it up as you go along.

Delegation training for lawyers. Courses to improve your delegation skills, specifically designed for anyone who works in a law firm.

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Course Content

We have a range of courses that explore supervision and delegation in a law firm context.

Too often there is an assumption that you will learn these skills on the job. But if nobody has ever explained what good managers do to support their team or what the barriers to smooth delegation are, even senior lawyers can struggle.

Our courses will give you guidance, tools and techniques to help you improve

  • the way you allocate work
  • delivery, on time and to budget
  • how you communicate with your team (it’s all about giving clear instructions)
  • how to develop their skills

The result? Happier employees, increased efficiency and improved profitability.


What gets in the way?

  • Barriers to delegation from a senior and junior perspective
  • How does hybrid working impact on delegation?

What do good supervisors do?

  • Analysis of what aids the process

What if work is delegated to you?

  • What can you do to make your life easier?

A delegation checklist

  • The definitive guide to great delegation


You will

  • Understand the barriers to delegation
  • Address the major challenges to effective delegation presented by remote working
  • Manage your boss to help make your life easier
  • Capture best practice for supervisors
  • Produce a definitive guide to good delegation


Delivered live online an interactive 90-minute session using Q&A, polls and breakout rooms. 


Fee earners at all levels who want to improve their delegation skills (max 16)

Delegation Training for Lawyers Live Online Course

90 mins



Covering the same content as the ‘live online’ course this session can be delivered as a standalone session or in conjunction with other short complementary modules.

Delegation Training for Lawyers Face-to-Face Course

90 mins



Most of us never think about delegation, especially if we are lucky enough to work in a law firm where most of the right people are doing the right work at the right level.

But if things aren’t running smoothly, and people aren’t delivering in the way you expect, then our delegation training for lawyers might be the fix that you need.

It will help you work out what is going wrong and why. You’ll pick up some clever moves for managing the whole delegation process resulting in you and your team being more productive.


Our course covers:

  • Delegation decisions
  • Delegating tasks, work and activities
  • What prevents people from delegating?
  • What does good delegation look like?
  • Helpful PDF of key tips to download


Once you have completed this e-learning course on delegation you will:

  • understand the barriers to delegation;
  • appreciate why delegation is important for managing your own time along with maximising the efficiency in your department; and
  • know what steps to take to delegate well.


Perfect for lawyers at all levels who work in a team and directly manage or need to delegate to other members of staff.

Delegation E-learning Course

30 minutes


£30 + VAT

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