Drafting a letter of response

Drafting a letter of response

Drafting a letter of response helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for writing effective letters of response that comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.

Drafting a letter of response also provides the skills for explaining your case clearly and for promoting the early resolution of claims.
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Who is it for?

Suitable for junior solicitors, trainees, paralegals, legal executives and case handlers.

Course content

E-learning overview

This e-learning course will help junior defendant litigators to perfect the art of writing strong and effective letters of response. It is an ideal training to ensure that everyone in your defence department has a uniform approach to responding to a Letter of Claim or Letter Before Action. 

As well as helping to promote early resolution of claims wherever possible, the course will help to ensure that your team are complying with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).


Our Letter of Response training covers the drafting of the required reply after receiving a pre-action letter for a potential claim.

A defendant’s pre-action protocol response to a Letter of Claim will need to acknowledge receipt, clearly outline the key arguments and confirm if a claim is accepted or disputed. All this is required in a timeframe compliant with the CPR.

Our course covers:

  • What is the purpose of a Letter of Response?
  • Who will read the Letter?
  • Structure and key areas to cover
  • Presenting your arguments clearly and precisely
  • Final checks to ensure protocol compliance

This e-learning uses an initial draft Letter of Response in a clinical negligence claim to demonstrate the techniques covered.


When a Letter of Claim (LoC) has been sent under the CPR, it should comply with the relevant Pre-Action Protocol setting out the dispute before a claimant issues court proceedings. Therefore it is vital for both claimant and defendant lawyers to comply in their initial correspondence.

Completing our e-learning course will help you to write Letters of Response that:

  • help the Claimant to understand your client’s case,
  • narrows the issues in dispute
  • help the court to manage the case
  • discourage claims that have little or no merit
  • apply pressure towards settlement where appropriate
  • comply with the Civil Procedure Rules Pre-Action Protocol


Practical online e-learning course that includes a sample Letter of Response. There are also links to additional tips to help improve your writing techniques.


30 minutes

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