Drafting Skills

Drafting Skills

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Our drafting skills training is ideal for junior lawyers needing simple techniques for complex drafting and for those wanting to improve their drafting from scratch.

Drafting skills training with practical tips on structure, drafting clause by clause, repairing poor drafts and drafting without precedents.

Course Content

This short course will help you to prepare, make decisions about structure, and draft simply even when creating complex duties. The course includes:

  • a review of a client’s instructions for drafting work,
  • exercises on organising ideas and selecting structures,
  • tips on effective drafting techniques and repairing poor drafts, and
  • opportunities to practise drafting from scratch.


Drafting Made Simple
  • Pre-drafting essentials – research, instructions and advice
  • Getting organised – identifying themes
  • Choosing a structure
  • Simple clause drafting techniques that work every time
Drafting From Scratch
  • Using simple drafting techniques in complex situations
  • Drafting from scratch
  • Repairing common drafting errors
  • Reducing drafting risk
  • Drafting that clients can understand


As a result of the course, you will:

  • Use critical thinking to prepare before starting to draft
  • Make appropriate decisions about structure
  • Draft effectively clause by clause
  • Draft from scratch with confidence
  • Review and repair poor drafting


3 hours or 90 minutes per module


Practical workshop using extracts from documents


Junior lawyers and paralegals (Max 15)

Drafting Skills Live Online Course

3 hours

Junior lawyers & paralegals


See Live Online course for details.

Drafting Skills Face-to-face Course

3 hours

Junior lawyers & paralegals

One-to-one coaching session (ideally as a follow-up to the drafting skills course) with a focus on your own drafting techniques and style.


You download a drafting exercise or submit examples of your own drafting. You receive feedback on your work during the session and tips on how to improve.


The tutor’s feedback will include a personalised “prescription” specifying techniques to help you to develop your skills.


One-to-one coaching in person or online

Drafting Witness Statements Coaching Course

40 - 60 mins

Junior lawyers and paralegals

PDF Coming soon

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