English Contract Law – An Overview

English Contract Law – An Overview

Using a practical scenario that shows the development of a contract from beginning to end, this course ensures that you understand how the basic principles of English contract law work in practice.

An introduction to English contract law, covering the basic principles of formation, terms, vitiation, termination, breach, remedies.
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Who is it for?

This introduction to negligence law course is ideal for trainee solicitors, legal apprentices and paralegals.

Course content


Structured by an engaging practical scenario involving the sale of commercial gym equipment, our contract law course equips delegates with an understanding of the following legal principles:

  • Contract formation: offer, acceptance, intention to create legal relations, consideration
  • Contract terms: incorporation, interpretation, express terms, implied terms, exclusion & limitation clauses
  • Termination and breach
  • Vitiation: misrepresentation, frustration
  • Remedies


As a result of completing this course, you will have increased confidence in how the core principles of contract law fit together in practice and a broader understanding of the foundational case law in each area.


An online, interactive course delivered via zoom to facilitate a combination of group discussion and live teaching.


4 hour total, split into two parts that are 2 hours each.


Max 16

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