Ethics Essentials

Ethics Essentials


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Ethics Essentials are based on real-life examples. They help lawyers at all levels to identify ethical problems, understand how to apply the SRA Principles and Codes of Conduct, and do the right thing.

Ethics training for lawyers will improve your understanding of solicitors’ ethics and professional standards with bite-size learning.

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These short ethics scenarios help to make sure you know the right approach when faced with ethical problems, and decisions that impact on professional standards.

Each scenario is based on a practical case study and challenges you to make the right decision. Detailed feedback refers to the Codes of Conduct for Solicitors and Firms, and decisions made by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Ethics Essentials are ideal for lawyers at all levels who need to build experience and the confidence to do the right thing.


The course covers:

  • Quickfire scenarios (5-10 minutes) on realistic ethical situations in the legal sector
  • Designed to get people engaged and thinking about ethical problems
  • Accessible on a phone or tablet so staff can learn on the go as well as in the office
  • Trackable, with the option to self-host
  • Easy to incorporate into your risk management strategy


As a result of completing the scenarios you will

  • be more familiar with the SRA Standards & Regulations
  • understand how the SRA Standards & Regulations are applied in specific situations
  • be better able to spot ethical problems and seek help


  • Social media
  • Civil disclosure
  • Statutory declaration
  • Late registration of a charge
  • Paying a client’s bills
  • Conversations with people you trust
  • Attending a networking event

New scenarios are released regularly.

Ethics Essentials E-learning Course

5 - 10 minutes each

Solicitors & trainee solicitors

£45 + VAT

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