Introduction to credit hire

Introduction to credit hire

Anyone working in motor claims needs to understand the fundamentals of credit hire and the main terms of a credit hire agreement.

This course is an ideal introduction to credit hire for anyone working in motor claims or the insurance sector.

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Who is it for?

Perfect for claims handlers, CHO staff, paralegals, legal apprentices, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers.

Course content

E-learning overview

This course provides an introduction to credit hire.  It looks at the main terms of a credit hire agreement, what checks a credit hire organisation will make before providing a hire car, and what the hirer needs to establish in order to recover hire costs from a third party.


The course covers:

  • What is credit?
  • What is credit hire?
  • Common terms in a credit hire agreement
  • Limits on what can be recovered from a third party
    • 4 example scenarios
  • PDF download


As a result of completing the course you will know:

  • what a credit hire agreement is
  • the hirer’s obligations under a credit hire agreement
  • the checks a credit hire organisation will do before providing a vehicle
  • the limits on hire charges that can be recovered from a third party


20 minutes


Really easy to understand and clear.
Donna Osborne
Jan 2024
Quite interesting. Shows you different areas of what to expect in the hiring side and recovering costs. Very clear.
Nov 2023
That has definitely given me a better understanding.
Mar 2024
Great to have an interactive slide show which explains each slide in detail.
Jan 2024

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