Introduction to the City – Financial Markets & Corporate Finance

Introduction to the City – Financial Markets & Corporate Finance


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Introduces the financial markets and corporate finance and explains the jargon, the key players and investment decisions, so you understand how the City works and the context in which it operates.

Our guide to the financial markets and corporate finance will help you to navigate the institutions, the people and the documents.

Course Content


If you are new to the world of the financial markets, corporate finance, investment and the City arena in general, you may find it a challenge to understand how it all works, particularly as there is a wealth of terminology and jargon.

There are plenty of useful resources available online explaining the jargon but this course fits all the explanations and terminology together to form a bigger picture.

If you are a trainee or intern in a law firm, financial advisers or bank, or simply new to corporate finance, this course is essential viewing. Enabling you to navigate meetings and documentation with a basic understanding of the City’s institutions, people and decision-making process.


The course is structured around three ‘stories’ with a short introductory video explaining the history of London’s financial institutions and markets:

  • ‘Wants’: this film explores the corporate finance journey of a company from early stage seed investment through to a mature business listed on the stock exchange.
  • ‘Haves’: this animated tale examines the investment decisions made in relation to a pension fund.
  • ‘Speculators’: in this section, you assume the role of a speculator deciding whether to enter into an Interest Rate Swap, Short shares and act as a derivative counter party in a Commodities Future Contract. This story also highlights the role of these types of contract in hedging as a form of risk management.

Throughout all of these stories, you will have the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process. You are also provided with an extensive glossary of all the terminology referenced in the course.

What does the course cover?

Some of the corporate finance and investment areas our e-learning training will explore include:

  • Debt and equity instruments
  • Loan facilities, notes and bonds
  • Common share classes
  • Corporate finance decision-making
  • Equity fundraising
  • Seed, angel, venture capital, private equity, float
  • Admission Documents and Prospectuses
  • Leverage and gearing
  • Hedging
  • Banks, brokers, advisers, asset managers, pension providers
  • Speculation, derivatives, short-selling

…and many more.


Once you’ve completed this introductory course on understanding the City, you will:

  • be able to understand and contribute to discussions about the financial markets
  • know the essentials of corporate finance, investment and speculation
  • understand the roles various City participants play in the financial markets
  • develop your ability to analyse commercial and legal decision-making by companies, investors, and others in the City

Introduction to the City E-learning Course

Financial Markets & Corporate Finance

90 minutes

Lawyers and non-lawyers

£30 + VAT

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