Legal research

Legal research

Strong legal research skills are fundamental for all lawyers. This course will provide you with the strategy and techniques to find accurate, current law and deliver great results for clients.

This course equips junior lawyers with the essential skills they needs to conduct effective legal research and keep good records.

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Who is it for?

Suitable for junior lawyers, trainee solicitors, apprentices and paralegals  who want to increase skills and confidence in legal research 

Course content

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Clients present their lawyers with a huge range of legal problems, and it’s just not possible to have the answer to hand every time.

This course gives lawyers the techniques and skills they need to carry out legal research with the confidence that their results will be accurate and robust.


The course covers the key points on any legal research task, including:

  • Planning research
  • Correctly identifying the question(s) to answer
  • Framing the question(s) neutrally
  • Using primary and secondary sources
  • Narrowing your search
  • Searching online databases
  • Using AI
  • Recording research results


As a result of attending you will be able to:

  • Plan research effectively
  • Accurately identify and frame the question(s) that you need to answer
  • Use a variety of resources to substantiate your conclusion(s)
  • Record research efficiently


Live online or at your offices

This interactive course has practical exercises throughout


2 hours

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