Motor Fraud and Fundamental Dishonesty Training

Motor Fraud and Fundamental Dishonesty Training


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This e-learning covers all the main indicators of motor fraud and fundamental dishonesty in motor claims so your claims handlers can spot the “red flags” and take the right action.

Our “Motor Fraud and Fundamental Dishonesty” training explains how to identify possible fraud in motor claims and what to do next.

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The massive cost of motor insurance fraud means that it’s vital to know what to look for and when to refer claims to fraud teams. This e-learning course uses animated reconstructions so that claims handlers can analyse whether an accident has been staged or is fraudulent in some other way.


This e-learning course looks at fraud in motor claims arising from:

  • “Crash for cash” incidents
  • Induced accidents
  • Staged accidents
  • Fundamental dishonesty under the CJCA 2015

The course includes accident reconstructions which are supported by barrister’s opinions by video on the evidence, the law and the relevant parts of the Highway Code. The course also provides information on the potential consequences of fraud.


As a result of this course you will know:

  1. the main types of insurance fraud in motor claims
  2. the warning signs that indicate a fraudulent claim
  3. what further information you should try to gather
  4. what to do if you suspect a claim is fraudulent


Paralegals, insurance claims handlers, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers, First Notice of Loss (FNOL) handlers.

Motor Fraqud and Fundamental Dishonesty E-learning Course

30 minutes

Anyone who handles claims

£30 + VAT

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