Introduction to motor insurance terminology

Introduction to motor insurance terminology

Our short Introduction to motor insurance terminology uses simple easy-to-understand language to explain the most common motor insurance jargon.

Introduction to motor insurance terminology is ideal for claims handlers trying to get to grips with insurance language.

Who is it for?

Suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers.

Course content

E-learning overview

Many young people don’t drive these days. And this means that some claims handlers don’t really understand the terminology used in motor insurance policies.

This short online course provides a quick introduction so claims handlers can talk confidently about a ‘no claims bonus’ or a ‘policy excess’.


This short course covers the meanings of:

  • Third party insurance; third party, fire & theft insurance; and fully comprehensive insurance
  • ‘No claims bonus’
  • Protecting a ‘no claims bonus’
  • An ‘excess’ on an insurance policy
  • Legal expenses insurance


After you have completed this course, you will:

  • understand why vehicles are insured
  • understand the different types of insurance available
  • know the meaning of insurance terminology


15 minutes

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