Personal Impact Elite Masterclass

Personal Impact Elite Masterclass

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tailored for your staff

High-level personal impact training that develops your confidence and control over the impression you create – everything from how you look and how you sound to how you handle tricky situations.

Personal impact training for developing an impressive presence, powerful messaging skills and self-confidence under pressure.
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Course Content

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Personal Impact Elite Masterclass Live Online Course

6 hours

Lawyers and other professionals


Like the Impact Masterclass, but with added high-level sessions on powerful messaging and handling tricky situations. This is a dynamic, on-your-feet, learning-by-doing session on personal and professional impact. Participants work hard and learn fast from tutor and peer feedback. The session also fosters a sense of “shared knowledge” and purpose – essential for building confident and collaborative teams.


  1. Why you should care about the impression you create
  2. Handling the fears, concerns and problems that hold you back
  3. Appearance
    1. Developing strong, positive body language
    2. Dressing for success
  4. Voice coaching
    1. Finding and developing your voice and making it engaging
    2. Using your voice to set the tone – the scientific evidence
  5. Content
    1. Constructing coherent messages
    2. Delivering the messages with impact
    3. Reading and reacting to the audience response
  6. Impact under pressure
    1. Tricky situations and why you find them difficult
    2. Question and answer sessions – Opening up, answering and closing down
    3. Using impact techniques to take control
  7. Impact in action – individual mini-presentations


As a result of attending the course, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • make an entrance
  • introduce yourself confidently
  • work a room
  • read an audience
  • guarantee you are being heard, understood, and enjoyed


Workshop with practical group work and individual exercises, video and tutor feedback.

Personal Impact Elite Masterclass Face-to-face Course

6 hours

Lawyers and other professionals


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