Persuasive writing for litigators

Persuasive writing for litigators

Persuasive writing for litigators will help you write quickly and with a clear sense of purpose and structure. Your key points will stand out and your tone will be consistent and professional.

Persuasive writing for litigators gets you writing persuasively and making an impact with clients and opponents too.

Who is it for?

Trainee solicitors, litigators and dispute resolution lawyers.

  • PSC Elective accredited

Course content

Live training overview

Persuasion is not just about winning an argument, so this practical course helps you write to influence mind-sets, to change behaviour, and to get what you want.


The session is full of practical exercises on the key themes for persuasive writing. Who am I trying to persuade? What am I trying to achieve? What structure and writing techniques will help me to deliver my messages with high impact paragraphs and sentences?

Persuasive Writing for Litigators also focuses on writing for clients, prioritising what matters to them whilst also being robust and accurate, sequencing for better impact, and using their priorities to persuade.

The session also covers writing for opponents – positioning the key points for the greatest impact and using emphatic phrasing as a professional. We also look at how you can get more impact from fewer points and how to avoid getting bogged down in weak,  unnecessary or unproductive arguments.


As a result of attending this course, your emails, letters and reports will be shorter and have much more persuasive impact.


Practical workshop


Litigation and dispute resolution lawyers at all levels


3 hours

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