Preparing witness statements under PD57AC

Preparing witness statements under PD57AC

Preparing witness statements under PD57AC helps you learn how to interview witnesses without influencing them and how to prepare statements for trial in the Business and Property Courts.

Preparing witness statements under PD57AC covers essential techniques for witness interviews and drafting trial statements.

Who is it for?

Recommended for litigators running cases in the Business & Property Courts. 

Course content


E-learning overview

This practical e-learning course will help you to comply with the requirements of PD57AC when interviewing witnesses.


  • The Certificate of Compliance
  • Case study – identifying leading questions
  • Conversations without leading
    • Topical questioning
    • Chronological questioning
    • Open questions
    • Gateway questions
    • Invitations
    • Piggybacking
    • Comparator questions
  • Case study – using documents
  • Keeping records
  • What if you can’t sign?


As a result of completing this course you will know

  • how to conduct interviews that comply with PD57AC
  • your obligations when signing the Certificate of Compliance
  • what records you need to keep
  • how to plan your questions to avoid influencing the witness
  • when you can and cannot show documents to a witness


60 minutes

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