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Presentation Skills

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Presentation skills for lawyers – whether you’re a nervous and inexperienced presenter or a skilled public speaker looking for a masterclass, we can help.

Presentation skills courses tailored for lawyers – present with confidence, impress your audience and get your message across with impact.

Course Content

For some lawyers, being asked to present fills them with dread. If your expertise is called on to give a presentation to clients or colleagues, we can help. Starting with the basics of great presenting we’ll help you to deliver those key presentations with confidence.

And even skilled public speakers know that there’s always room for improvement.

We tune all our presentation skills courses to suit our delegates. So if you want a masterclass or something gentle for beginners, we can tailor the course to suit you.

This is our day job and we’re proud of the consistently excellent feedback we get for the sessions we present. And we’re really happy to share what we have learnt from 20 years of presenting to demanding audiences.


Understanding the basic techniques along with the preparation that is needed to speak publicly will help minimise the chance of delivering a boring presentation and ensure your key messages are communicated.

On our course we cover:

  1. Identifying key messages
  2. Structuring the presentation, including confident starts, appealing middles and effective endings
  3. Presenting online
  4. Adding impact to dull material
  5. Preparing useful speaking notes
  6. How to get the most from visual aids such as PowerPoint or Google Slides
  7. Controlling nerves
  8. Projecting a professional image
  9. Getting the timing right
  10. Handling questions


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • design presentations tailored to your audience
  • rehearse efficiently
  • deliver confidently
  • use visual aids competently
  • participate in team presentations


Interactive workshops delivered live online to small groups with performances and feedback throughout. You can use current presentation projects if you’re working on something important.


Anyone working in a law firm who needs to improve their presentation skills. From trainees and junior lawyers with limited experience to senior lawyers wanting to hone their skills or fine tune a key presentation.

Presentation Skills Live Online Course

1 - 3 hours



Covering the same content as the ‘live online’ course this session is usually delivered as a 3-hour session


This hands-on course is delivered to small groups onsite at your office or a suitable training venue.

It’s a practical course where you’ll have the opportunity to present and be given personalised feedback by the tutor.

Presentation Skills Face-to-Face Course

3 hours



Our impact coach, Vanessa Collingridge, has put together a short video with some helpful tips for anyone who is not experienced with video conferencing and wants to make the right impact. It has ten tips with the do’s and don’ts of presenting yourself in a professional way.

There are many video calling and conferencing applications available in the workplace, from Facetime and Skype to Zoom and Cisco Webex.

But regardless of the software or hardware that is used, there are some basic tips and techniques that you should be aware of to provide a great video conferencing experience.


Whether you are the host of an online conference video call or have been invited as a participant in a virtual meeting. Our short tutorial video will provide you with the tips and tricks that professionals use to engage with audiences and contributors.


If you would like more details on our range of impact and presentation skills training, please contact Kath Kinch at:
Phone: 0114 273 8300


Free e-learning course.


Anyone who wants to make a great impact in online presentations and video conferences.

Presentation Skills Tips

15 minutes

Anyone presenting online or video conferences.


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We offer one-to-one coaching, whether you want to improve your skills generally or you’re preparing for a critical pitch or presentation.


If you would like more details on our range of impact and presentation skills training, please contact Kath Kinch at:
Phone: 0114 273 8300

Presentation Skills Coaching Course




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We think our training is the ‘bee’s knees’ but don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

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Outstanding. Everyone should go on this course. Great speaker. Really useful and practical.
Stephen Ross
30 April 2013
A very helpful session. Peter was an engaging speaker and I will definitely put his advice into practice. Although it felt like hard word to read articles/submit articles beforehand, it was very useful on the day.
Emma Flower
30 April 2013
Good course length. I feel I have learnt things I can use straight away (not just in writing articles but writing generally). Very good idea to have specific articles to work on.
Julian McFall
30 April 2013